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Water desalination


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Deionization refers to as removal of charged ions from a liquid. Many industrial applications require deionization to meet their demanding process water requirements. Deionization in the means of water desalination has lost its importance due to emerging advancement of membrane technologies. In the complexity of water treatment and special requirements there are still procedures which still benefit from the technology. 

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BKG designs automatic industrial plants typically as double or multistage plants to meet high-flow industrial needs for process water. The plants are designed as cation removal, degasser, anion removal final mixed bed to meet the valid regulations and chemical treatment. Our plants are equipped with automatic valves of branded manufacturers, system PLC automation, internal piping, process measuring according to your needs, chemical treatment and chemical processing; all within several stainless steel frames. BKG plants are wet-tested and undergo electrical and software testing before leaving our manufacturing site.