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Ultrafiltration provides macro-molecular separation for particles in the 20 to 1000 Angstrom range up to 0.1 micron. All disolved salts and smaller molecules pass through the membrane. Items rejected by the membrane inlcude colloids, proteins, microbiological contaminants and large ogranic molecules. Transmembrane pressures are typically 1-7 bar. 

Ultrafiltration technology is suitable for drinking and process water applications with high levels of turbidity typically from well and river waters. Ultrafiltration is suitable technology as pre-treatment of reverse osmosis system or simply as a turbidity and microbiological removal for drinking and process water. 

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Our goal is to design most economical solution taking into consideration your needs, requirements and valid regulations. BKG ultrafiltration plants are build within a stainless steel frame including high-quality ultrafiltration membranes, internal piping, chemical regeneration, measuring systems as required and PLC automation. BKG ultrafiltration plants are wet-tested (excluding membranes) and undergo electrical and software testing before leaving our manufacturing site.