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Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the finest level of filtration available. Reverse osmosis membrane acts as a barrier to all disolved salts and inorganic molecules as well as organic molecules. Water molecules on the other hand pass freely through the membrane creating a purified water stream; permeate. Rejection of dissolved salts by the reverse osmosis technology can be greater than 99%, saturation index 5-6. The reverse osmosis applications at BKG are numerous including desalination of sea and brackish water for process or drinking purpose, process water in various industries such as energy field or pharmaceutical, even food processing, agriculture, mining and laboratory. 


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We at BKG design full automatic, microprocessor or PLC automated reverse osmosis plants built in accordance with your process needs and requirements. BKG reverse osmosis systems are built within a stainless steel frame including high quality osmosis membranes, internal piping made of plastic and stainless steel, measuring systems and process components such as automatic valves as required. 

BKG customized reverse osmosis solutions often include membrane pre-treatment such as ultrafiltration technology. Our goal is to design most economical solution taking into consideration your needs, requirements and valid regulations. BKG reverse osmosis plants are wet-tested (excluding membranes) and undergo electrical and software testing before leaving our manufacturing site. 

BKG reverse osmosis systems as well as ultrafiltration plants are branded as OSMOTROL. These membrane products refer to high quality materials and components as well as unique design in terms of lower operational costs at high quality outputs. 


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