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Process water

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Process water treatment is a technology designed on particular water income source and particular water process requirements. 

Income water: river water, well water, drinking water, brackish water, seawaters, even other process waters such as deep hole water enriched with chemicals or high salinity. 

Each industrial process has requirements on function, valid standards and specifications for its inputs. At BKG over the last 20 years we have been confronted with many process details and requirements so our engineers understand best customer´s needs and combine together theory and practical experience. 

Process requirements: specifics of energy industry, printing industry, automobile industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, mining industry, food and beverage processing. 

Cooling water, condensate water treatment, injection water, boiler feed, sterile water, bottling water and other types and applications.

According to customer´s needs technologies such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, EDI, filtration and ion exchange plants are applied as process water treatment.