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Nanofiltration refers to a speciality membrane process which rejects particles in the size range of 1 nanometer. Organic molecules with molecular weights greater than 200 - 400 are rejected, dissolved salts are typically rejected in the range of 20% - 98%. Typical applications include removal of color and TOC from surface water, removal of hardness or radium from well water, overall reduction of total dissolved solids and the separation of organic from inorganic matter in special food and beverage applications. Desalination ranges around 35%, saturation index 3-4. 

Our goal is to design most economical solution taking into consideration your needs, requirements and valid regulations. BKG nanofiltration plants are build within a stainless steel frame including high quality nanofiltration membranes, internal piping, measuring systems as required and PLC automation. BKG nanofiltration plants are wet-tested (excluding membranes) and undergo electrical and software testing before leaving our manufacturing site.