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Mining industry

Water treatment for mining industry

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Technologies for purposes of mining industry are highly diverse. BKG has experience with integrated membrane technologies for various process purposes as well as automatic production of diverse solutions (most importantly NaCl solution) and their process treatment, mixing, water treatment, exact metering of process chemicals, warming-up and process pumping to deep drill holes or further process on the ground. 

BKG designs and produces complete NaCl technologies to be operated directly on site, even as mobile units, complete PLC automation without needs for process supervision on site. Complete integrated membrane processes; staged reverse osmosis, even electrodeionization can be applied as well to produce highly saluted solutions. 

Contrary to production of saluted solutions, membrane technologies of ultrafiltration and staged reverse osmosis can be applied to desalinate drill water to be realeased freely without environmental hazards. 

BKG designs complete water treatment solutions for exact process purpose. We understand that supervision on site is volatile, therefore highest PLC automation level as well as high quality of components, workmanship and high level of mobility are delivered. 

According to customer´s needs BKG takes over technology design (basic design, detail design), components assemply and manufacturing, erection and commissioning by using BKG unique software design and further we take over regular customer service and even technology maintenance.