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Food and beverage processing


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Water treatment for food and beverage industry is very specific. Each product and designated process requires different technology. The goal at BKG within food and beverage industry is to connect demand and all the needs and requirements into one integrated water treatment unit to suit more products and processes. There are specifics for water treatment for beer production, table water bottling, soft drinks and juices as well as bottle washing, boiler feed, CIP and other processes which are typically integrated within food and beverage facility. Water therefore, is part of the product as well as the process. 

We at BKG have the expertise and experience in water treatment for beer brewing, table water treatment and bottling, soft drinks and fruit juices manufacturing as well as food processing such as manufacturing of food supplements, pasta, flavours and chemical substances, sugar refinery etc. Most of the product applications take advantage of the membrane and ion exchange technology and access processes such as CIP, boiler feed, washing etc. and provides even more added value and increases overall factory efficiency. Most widely used water treatment technology is ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis single and permeate staged, activated carbon filtration, softening and decarbonization and water disinfection. 

According to customer´s needs BKG takes over technology design (basic design, detail design), components assemply and manufacturing, erection and commissioning by using BKG unique software design, documentation as built and further we take over extensive customer service and even technology maintenance.