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Power engineering is characterized by severl process applications; in terms of water treatment boiler feed, cooling water filtration and condensate purification are the most typical ones. Most typical application is the preparation of boiler feed water for low, medium and high pressure boilers. Depending on the boiler pressure and local valid regulations; filtration, softening, ion deionization, membrane technology of reverse osmosis and electrodeionization technologies are designed to suit the process according to needs and regulations. 

Perfectly working water treatment for boiler feed, cooling water and condensate purification is crucial factor for the process operation; its efficiency, operational cost and life expectancy. Very frequent negative occurence in boiler feed are corrosion, scaling, blow-down and inefficient high consumption of chemicals. 

According to customer´s needs BKG takes over technology design (basic design, detail design), components assemply and manufacturing, dispatch, erection and placing into operation by using BKG unique software design.  Later BKG takes over regular service, even technology maintenance and supply of all spare and operational parts of the water treatment plant.