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Customized water treatment


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Flexibility of small company allow us to apply our know-how, experience and manufacturing capacity for highly specific water treatment applications. These special water treatment applications are often required by our customers with narrow business and process specialization. 

BKG provides not only initial manufacturing and assembly but most importantly we provide technical solution and feasibility report followed by basic design and detail design. Customized water treatment technology by BKG is highly specified process tailored to exact needs and requirements to treat your water more efficiently. 

  • Specific process manufacturing and treatment of solutions and their process distribution; mining industry
  • Filtration, membrane separation, within larger scope of technology water process
  • Integrated water treatment process, most importantly integrated membrane process 
  • Mobile and containerized water treatment units
  • Membrane separation from dumping grounds
  • Small test units
  • Manufacturing of concentrated solutions, process usage of reverse osmosis concentrate for mining industry
  • Water treatment of special water closed circuits, high pressure waters