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Potable water from public supply often do not suit needs and requirements for today´s technologies and products within households as well as back-up technologies such as boiler room, swimming pools, cooling and heating systems placed in a modern living environment. Sometimes, depending on the region and local conditions even potability of public water supply cannot be guaranteed at any time. Water treatment for building services includes larger living units as well as single households, hotels, spa, sport centers, civic centers, office space; literally all buildings require nowadays complete water treatment solutions and water treatment management which can save running operational cost. 

Modern living, working and leasure space require removal of certain particles from the water as well as targeted metering of chemicals or minerals into the water depending on purpose. 

Typical water treatment technologies: particle filtration, activated carbon filtration, softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, chemical metering, water UV disinfection or chlorination, water re-use, complete solutions for boiler feed, heating systems and cooling water. 

BKG offers effective and long-term solutions for your building management to improve water quality and running operation costs. 

According to customer´s needs BKG takes over technology design (basic design, detail design), components assemply and manufacturing, erection and commissioning by using BKG unique software design, documentation as built and further we take over extensive customer service and even technology maintenance.