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BKG water treatment company has been established in 1996 and ever since we design and manufacture full range of water treatment plants and water treatment technologies for process and drinking water applications. Even though we put strong emphasis on complex water treatment projects in terms of turnkey projects, yet we supply full range of specialized water treatment components, customized technologies and spare parts, filtration and ion exchange media, BKG automation units and water treatment designs.

We at BKG understand the complexity of water treatment business and optimize solution in the most economical and efficient was to solve your requirements on individual basis. We offer customized solutions based on particular needs whilst considering regulatory instructions and process specifications.

According to customer´s needs BKG takes over technology design (basic design, detail design), components assemply and manufacturing, erection and commissioning by using BKG unique software design and further we take over regular service and even technology maintenance. 

Our engineering know-how and practical experience allow us to focus on wide range of technologies such as filtration plants, ion exchange technology of softening, desalination, decarbonization, demineralization including chemical treatment and chemical neutralization. 

Our main focus is membrane technology which has gained on importance in the recent years due to lower operational and investments costs. Our membrane technologies of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration units branded as OSMOTROL are highly customized technologies offering high efficiency and high quality product up to a capacity of 300m3/h. Our company also provides process solutions for membrane technology of high saluted solutions such as sea-, and brackish water using seawater reverse osmosis systems and ultrafiltration systems. 

BKG technologies can be located on 4 continents, hundreds of industrial applications within process and potable water treatment prove our passion and experience in water treatment business.